Proposal for this Blog. (Distant Wedding Bells)

pride1Since I was a young girl, I knew who I was. I was gay. I liked girls. Little did I know the stereotypes and assumptions being part of the LGBT community came with. Yes, I get so angry when I hear things like, “oh, you don’t look gay” or “ are you going to cut your hair?” etc. I want to know why and how people think that. There are many youth out there that are falling prey to this ocean of identity and sexuality stereotypes. Since the LGBT community has taken its seat on the social platform, there is constantly a new figure to highlight. I want to do this for every post and discuss what is going on behind the visceral aspect of the figure I am speaking about. Yes, it may seem narrow-minded of me to assume that everyone outside of the LGBT community bases their views of such shallow things, but it is from observation.

I am now 19, and I recently came out to my mom. She was the only person I was really hiding from, and now that I am fully “out”, I am extremely passionate about being happy with who you are. I am proud of the person I am becoming and I want to know why other people see me differently. I want to know why people see people the way they. This blog will delve into this. Being a cinema major, I see life from behind a lens. I am constantly looking at things and seeing the beauty. How do I show it ? How will other people see it? These questions run around my head as long as my eyes are open. Also, I want to highlight the beauty of people, not just the negative connotations of a person’s identity. There are many barriers when it comes to accepting homosexuals or the LGBT community. I know gay marriage is offensive (somehow) to many people because of bad impressions or their upbringing. I will cover that as well.

My topic is definitely current. As I type this proposals, they are literal proposals occurring, and the possibility of them too. Marriage is for everyone now as of today. This opens the door for people to live together as themselves, and all the while, being happy with who they are/represent. Places like Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post, have columns dedicated to such topics. I would like my blog to be just as relevant and fueling to those within (or not part) of all the communities, not just LGBT.

Identity and stereotypes within the LGBT community have always been on my mind. The idea of writing about it weekly and my knowledge of it growing sounds amazing. There are people like Ruby Rose and Anderson Cooper making headlines with just their sexuality. This series would benefit the readers with not just information, but aid them in their own identity and life struggles. By the end of these eight weeks, I would like to have helped lift a burden off someone’s shoulders. Whether it be a battle with oneself or one’s view of a gender/identity stereotype. I want to tackle and defeat ignorance. It is not bliss. I am so thrilled to be able to freely express my thoughts to my fellow peers on something I would have been condemned just a year ago.


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