0 Stereotypes. What does that even mean? According the incredible Google I have found a solid definition, which is : “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.” We are talking about the LGBT community specifically in this blog. To many people my age who have learned to love and identify themselves with this community have definitely had to battle some “oversimplified” images when viewing themselves alongside society. I don’t want to be a “lipstick lesbian” or a “dyke”. I want to be me. I am a human and I love. That’t that. This Huffington Post really hits home. We aren’t gay because of daddy issues and we aren’t all trying to sleep with any girl that breathes.

If you are not of the LGBT community, don’t feel alienated. The purpose of this blog is to help you learn more about it! Also, to  make you aware of the dangers that comes with being uniformed about this realm of identity. What does it mean to be a member of the LGBT ? Really, it just means you love people of the same gender (sometimes both) or your gender is changing. Still flesh, bones, and soul. The main issue is that people are watching a movie or a show and homosexuals are often portrayed as very ridiculous and outspoken. Say you watch Will and Grace or Perez Hilton.  You see gay men as extremely flamboyant and very emotional. That is not always the case. Sometimes, you can’t tell right off the bat. Usually, when you hear about lesbians, one automatically pictures a heavy-set, baggy-pant wearing, thug woman. NOT ALWAYS THE CASE. These are constant views I hear about my community. We need to clear that up!

As of a few days ago, gay marriage is legalized. The LGBT community now has real rights to live a normal, good life. Now, we are all just a community. In order to prosper together, we can’t be making huge assumptions about people. Unity is a big thing for this nation, and if we really want to be that great country we think we are, ignorance should be squelched.

Why should you care? What makes this relevant to me? How does this provide better insight than a tweet from Justin Bieber or a Huffington Post blog ? It can open your eyes to the beauty of human existence. Learning that we are all equal, we are all human, is one of the greatest, and seemingly simplest things to know, yet, here we are. Equality for the LGBT community just happened. It is 2015 and we had to fight, die, cry, and shout for our place in society, in the world. There is obviously a component missing from America’s mindset as a whole if it took this long. We still have to fight. Now, it isn’t for a document or law. It is just for how people see us a whole. For we are humans with a beating heart as well. People with jobs, families, stories, and scars. We are not a mesh pot of stereotypical homos. We are human.


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