Thoughts. Feelings. Reasoning?

For 19 years, I have been trying to live on the “other side” of the identity spectrum. This is an academic conversation by all means. I am just clarifying and it isn’t prevailing. I shall cover the differences some of the readers may be having as they scroll down this WordPress. Many readers who are on straight,hetero, or just not gay, may be stopping themselves right now. Thoughts like “ hey, our side should get a voice too in this.” The thing is, this is an LGBT blog, talking about LBGT stereotypes and issues in the world. Whether your agenda be religious or political or whatever our differences may be, the main goal of this blog is to not fight, but rather let ignorance dissolve and people become uplifted in the community.

In a recent Buzzfeed article  (Broderick,2015) that has become a meme (a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (examine the picture below)

enhanced-27909-1435667385-1and spread rapidly by Internet users. Once again, this lovely definition was provided by Google.) So an overview of this meme: there was a public debate held in Brasília la bit ago between Pastor Silas Malafaia, one of the most anti-gay figures there, and Toni Reis, a professor, social rights activist, and president of the LGBT Brazilian Association. These photos sum up many of the conflicts that occur due to the LGBT communities massive index of personas. I mean this globally, not just in Brasília. Now, the media has taken over our conception of reality. Everything we do is tweeted, posted on Instagram, and emailed. This changes the social situations we deal with daily. These stereotypes I keep ranting about on this blog, are now shouted across webpages through links and sites.

Tagudina stated (2012) “The danger with stereotyping is the over-generalisation that comes along with it. Stereotypes, therefore, carry with them negative connotations and attitudes perceived by those who labelled them as such. These “cultural elites” use this type of segregating to dehumanise cultural groups

who stand lower than their ground.” Tagudina hit the nail on the head in this great text. She talks about media representation in “The Coast is Queer.” She talks about false assumptions and generalizing the LGBT community in media. Everything you see on the T.V. or laptop screen become integrated in your mind and life whether you want them to or not. People find it reasonable to attach images to actual people because that is what is regularly shown on media. Assuming, as Tagudina says, a man in pink is gay, sounds alright because isn’t that what comes ups on Google for “gay guys”? Many religious or just conservative folk consider homosexuals “deviants” or “morally corrupt”. The Bible states “” ‘If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”(Leviticus 20:13) So, many people who lean on this old book for moral advice, find all the LGBT community to be “detestable”. But, that really creates a negative vibe for everyone in the community. Especially when a good portion (or the entire community) just wants to be like anybody else. Take Neil Patrick Harris for example. He is homosexual, doesn’t wear pink everyday, won many awards, and is also just a very happy dad/husband. (As you can see in the photo.)



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