Conflicts and Resolutions.

The existence of the so called-truisms that are “representing” the LGBT community seem to fly over people’s heads. Yes, SCOTUS flew its victory flag over the nation not too long ago, but, there is still a lot of air to clear. Even as I type this blog, that right to marry whoever you please, is being fought over still by officials. According, at least 7 states are opting out of the marriage ruling. In 7 states people are still fighting to have a loved one and a family to call their own. (North Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky,Tennessee,and Ohio are the current states battling the act.) Equality and acceptance is still an issue. That is a big one. In order to show that the LGBT community is full of humans just like everyone else, society must treat them and look at them as such. Starting with just the realization that not all homosexuals are flaming and aggressive. tumblr_nqmgqpogqE1tgy75po1_250

Being open-minded and less harsh on the views of people’s sexual identities will uplift society as a whole.Upon society’s acceptance towards people’s sexual identities, they should educate themselves on it as well. Recently,Canadian hockey player, Kendra Fisher came out . She is an elite hockey player and has been battling mental illness. She explains how stereotypes can keep female athletes in the closet : “It’s all of those stereotypes that you fight against because we all have a sense of self. We don’t want to be grouped into this stereotypical expectation of a female hockey player.” Sense of self is a right we are all born with. Blocking a section of society into not having that freedom is revolting, since we live in the “land of the free” not the “land of repressed and narrow”. People need to know that Fisher’s story is not singular. It is everywhere. There is a fear of becoming part of society’s mold of the LGBT’s that not only Fisher and I relate to, but hundreds of thousands.

Without positive reinforcement, society slowly diminishes. It starts with the youth, once they start to become negatively influenced, a domino effect occurs. There are organizations like the Trevor Project  , a suicide and crisis prevention service, that solely exist to help the LGBT youth amidst the turmoils of identity and society’s portrayal of them. What? Where is this even happening? I’m not making this up, don’t exit the browser just yet. Huffington Post recently found these staggering numbers amongst peers in school. Across all grades, LGB students were about 91 percent more likely to be bullied and 46 percent more likely to be victimized, compared to their heterosexual peers. That is not okay. These numbers were collected about a month ago. The article ends on this note: “For the kids who aren’t sexual minorities, it’s also sending a message that it’s okay to mock people who are gay”. Whether we say or not, the LGBT community is a minority. There are around 9 million LGBT Americans according to That isn’t really much when you look at the size of the country. That is more than enough when it comes to individuality though. Every single one of those Americans are just as free and just as unique as anyone else.

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