Reading Essentials.


Books of LGBT Identity Struggles in Society

  • Downs, A. (2006). The Velvet Rage: overcoming the pain of growing up gay in a straight man’s world. New York: Da Capo Press.

Downs covers all the struggles that come with being gay, even though he is living in an age of greater acceptance. It’s a self-help that also helps shed light on the marginalization of identity. The way Downs translates the struggles of being a gay mansheds light on how important it is to live in an uplifting society.


  • Savage, D. (n.d.). American Savage: Insights, slights, and fights on faith, sex, love, and politics.

Dan Savage has worked with the It Gets Better campaign and covers a variety of topics like health care, gun control, and marriage equality. Savage uses his book as a visual for the mesh pot of inequality that still goes on in the LGBT community.


  • Parker, S. (2013). Viral.

Suzanne Parker writes poetry for Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers student, who was bullied into suicide.These are all non fiction pieces that are solid proof that show even though the LGBT community has gained some leverage in our society, the community still has many obstacles on an intimate level of identity.


  • Giardina, H. (2014, November 15). ‘Man Alive,’ by Thomas Page McBee. Retrieved July 16, 2015.  

I actually read this book recently, and it resonated so much in my life. Thomas was once Page, and his struggles of wanting to be a man played throughout his entire life. He was mugged and also molested, all the while his identity being the greatest turmoil he had to experience. This New York Times book review really summarizes this book wonderfully, ““Being human,” he concludes, “means being at the mercy of others.” That’s a part of aspiration, too. We are born human; with hard work, we achieve humanity.”



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