Stereotypes in the LGBT community is still a very prominent issue in today’s society. Gay men and women still have to battle with stereotypes such as “butch” or “faggot” on a daily basis. Not all homosexuals are blatant about their sexual identity. Some are known to Olympic athletes, like Tom Daley, or a big time actress ( Ellen Page). Being gay does not consume the entire LGBT community’s lives. Recently, in an interview with Magic Mike’s Matt Bomer, he is asked a very narrow question about the community. He shuts it down with “why should I make a community into a yes or no?” He tells the reporter that the stigma about LGBT’s just isn’t really something to bother with, because there are so many people in the community. The point is that they are just people, like you and I. Transgender writer and columnist, Thomas Page McBee said ““Being human” means being at the mercy of others.” That’s a part of aspiration, too. We are born human; with hard work, we achieve humanity.” Are we,as a society, missing that?

Humanity is equality. What is equality in the modern age? I would say regarding everyone as a human, no more, no less. Accomplishments and contributions to society (in a positive way) should be what weighs the qualities of citizens, not their personal/sexual preferences. What really defines a person? That is an ambiguous question, isn’t it? Doesn’t categorizing a person into a generic figure, probably fashioned from misrepresentations in media, also seem just as ambiguous ? If people within society thought of it that way, the large distortion of the LGBT community would definitely be held up more positively.Stereotypes tear the bonds of equality as people.

The media plays a large portion in this social injustice. Nowadays. people often find their opinions online. The internet is so easy to access. “The number of people using Twitter has increased by more than 50 million in the past year. The network now has over 270 million active users.” People are constantly talking online about society and just everything. Out of that 270 million, how many of these people are speaking of the positive things they see in people? Let’s be honest, people tweet, snap, and write statuses to make a joke or point out a flaw in something. It is just easier to do mean things from behind a screen. So when people discourage the LGBT community by laughing at Perez Hilton and his wacky hair/personaor just make any ambiguous assumption about the entirety of the community, it spreads. This hilarious BuzzFeed article accurately shows the black and white’s of the stereotypes attached to being a lesbian. Some of these sound ridiculous, but sadly, are quite common.


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