Throughout this series, I have brought to light the LGBT issues that still roam amongst society. The LGBT community’s problems are still somewhat in the dark. See ? The LGBT community is already being separated as a distinct piece of society, when in reality, it should just be society. There is still discrimination to consider within society, especially with regards to the LGBT community. Jill Chonody (2014) notes in her conducted research that there is a 3-factor solution (affective–valuation, stereotyping, and social equality beliefs) for each of the sex-specific scales. It is engrained in the minds of people to have a prejudice set.

Years from now, I would like to look back and see the progress. I want us to be able to see our society as a whole, not fragmented. The future starts now. This beginning will be jumpstarted with the ceasing of watering down people into a huge stereotype. Making lesbians just butches and dykes won’t empower women. Saying gay men are always flamboyant and promiscuous is not going to promote well being within society. Stereotyping creates a friction amongst people who should be united by freedom and success. Suddenly, there are lesser and greater humans, this should not be acceptable.

Tragedies against the LGBT community are all around us. We should remain focused on furthering the sources and help for this troublesome age. Instead of progressing, we would rather than call people names or get offended by someone’s personal preferences. In cases where there is immense criticism of sexuality or identity, we should worry and investigate. There has been an uprise of trans deaths in the states.There have been seven trans deaths this year.( 2015)All of these deaths caused by hate. Deaths that are completely obvious and aren’t being addressed so well. There must be a hopeful future for the LGBT members of society. How will you contribute to strengthening your community? Will you allow yourself to shape your views based off of actions and deeds rather than smaller, more insignificant pieces of a person ? These are things to carry with you as you head towards towards. Michael Musto (2015)writes that the portrayal of gay men in the media is changing as we speak. He mentions that things like aids and gay marriage are starting to progress. It is a daily process and it starts with you.

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